If you are living in Germany and looking at getting married in Denmark then read this blog...South Jutland is the area of Denmark that is connected by the land border to Germany.  This border runs 68km's and there are hundreds of couples that live in Germany that cross into Denmark to marry every year.
Vojens is a town hall that is close to the German border a simple 45 minute drive.  That makes it a really convenient place for couples that are passing over the German border by car, and can pop o
Vejle is a beautiful town sandwiched in between Kolding and Fredericia.  The word Vejle comes from the old Danish word which means wading place , as it is the point where there has always been a bu
Fredericia is a Danish Kommune that is inbetween Copenhagen and the German border and it is a lovely kommune and a wonderful place to marry.  The town hall is just beautiful and the registrars are
Kolding is a wonderful town that is in the heart of Denmark, so easy to get to from almost everywhere!
So what is the year 2021 going to bring us?  It's going to bring us LOVE. SO much love, couples, families, friends are going to be re-united.. People all over the world are going to travel and see each other, we will be able to touch and feel and share experiences.
Lolland is an island of Denmark located in the Baltic Sea, which is separated from southern Zealand by Smalandsfarvandet Sound. Lolland is known as the "pancake island" because of its flatness: the highest point of the entire island is 25 m (82 ft) above sea level. It is the fourth largest island of the Danish archipelago and its irregular coastline is broken by Sakskobing and Nakskov fjords.
Billund in the South Jutland area of Denmark is mostly popular because that is where the head office of Lego is!  There is also the Lego theme park
We get many calls from couples who live in Germany or are staying/visiting in Germany (or a combination of both!), as getting married in Denmark is such a great, easy and stress free option for them.
Odense is Denmarks third largest city with a bustling city centre offering lots of things to do and see. There is though also a calm natural side to the city on the waters edge. The birth place of Hans Christian Anderson with excellent air, rail and road travel links!