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Denmark is an incredible country, which is why so many people choose to get married in Denmark. There are a large amount of locations that offer city, sea, Island & romance, and so a huge amount of venues for your timeframe and situation.  It is a fast, cheap, easy way to marry whilst not forgetting the importance of the day. 

- No residency required
- Marry on a tourist VISA
- No Marital Status documents needed

Danish Island wedding
Copenhagen City Hall wedding
Jutland wedding
Wedding in Denmark near German border
Get married in any Town hall in Denmark

Since the laws changed in January 2019, all applications now have to go through the Danish Agency of Family law office, or the Familieretshuset, via an electronic file and application - which we do for you with the Everything service. 

For all weddings you leave straight away with 2 copies of your International Marriage Certificate (example document here) - which is in Danish, German, French, Spanish & English (we can also request extra copies at no extra cost if you require them!).

As expert wedding planners in Denmark we can also share our vast knowledge to ensure that your stay in Denmark is stress-free, help with guidance on trusted and known photographers, flowers, hair & make-up are but a few of the recommendations that we can offer.

We can help you with the Apostille Legalisation of your Marriage Certificate after your marriage also!

If required we are able to obtain you a ceremony just days after your approval from the Danish Government office - so you can get married simply and quickly.  We are very experienced at all type of situations, especially ones that are complex, difficult, unusual - or if you are NON EU, have short dated VISA or Permits, or need to marry in a hurry! We are the number one best choice for Foreign and International couples. 

We have 3 simple services for your wedding in Denmark:



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